Final update: 128 Ocean Drive, in Quinns Rocks, is the venue...
directly on the dunes and beachfront, with panoramic oceans views... 37 degree weather expected, perfect for beach swimming (just make sure you arrive by 3pm and bring your bathers and towels!)... 6:15pm music jam session while we watch the sun color the big sky and sink below the horizon... bring a plate, or bring veggies & vegan ingredients, or bring something meaty for the BBQ, for 5pm sharing.... don't miss seeing some of the award-winning film "Ecological Design: Inventing the Future" downstairs around 7:30 pm, and be sure to join in the Ecocreative Circle upstairs! (With less than 24 hours to go, there's no need to RSVP -- just show up!)

Celebrating the Year of the Swan: The Gathering Comes to Perth
Friday, February 22nd, 2002

You are invited to the...

22nd Annual "Digital Valentines Day"
Gathering of the Ecocreative Community
2002 02 22

be sure to send an email to right away
so you don't miss out (and we can send you the time, location and other details)!

If you'd like something colorful about the Gathering to print out, photocopy, and pass along...
or email out to your most interesting friends around the world... or just to dig deeper into what it's all about, please visit

You're invited to create, co-create, and even "e-co-create" at a special gathering... first time ever in Australia... the latest in a flow of events happening for 22 years in various places in the world... this year it's on the edge of the Indian Ocean!

Each year a new spontaneous community crystalizes around the words:
"We are creative individuals who enjoy bringing separate worlds together, and at our Gatherings help each other to visualize a spectrum of possible futures, and build tools to sculpt the best of them."

It's about bringing together "complementary opposites"... for spirited sharing on: health and wealth... ecology and technology... art and science... living, learning, loving (and laughing ;-))... deepening our ecological wisdom, as we shape our 21st Century, and envision our 22nd!!

As always (since the first Gatherings in California in 1980): free-of-charge, non-commercial, non-promotional, no-$-donations-requested-or-accepted, open-to-all, 100%-non-smoking, inspirational, informal, and lots of fun!

Join in this wild 22nd annual pot luck of inventiveness in all senses -- bring visuals (perhaps multimedia "Heart Art" to celebrate "Digital Valentines Day"?), audibles (yes, oceanside sunset music jam session!), tactiles (bring hugs & other e-sensuals), edibles (raw or cooked, bring it on!), other sensibles ("essential oil moguls" welcome) -- and don't forget to bring your most interesting friends ... and your self!

(Bonus for Genuine Visionaries: Bring your favorite architectural plans for ecological health, and you could win a free 22-hands-on massage! ... It's about time that those who "do good" also "do well" -- so one of our 2002 Gathering themes is a hearty "Thank You!!!" to those who have devoted their personal time and energy to protecting our natural environment, promoting our understanding of ecosystems, designing sustainable models for living and working, and healing our relationship with Mother Earth.)

Calling all musicians -- 6:15pm sunset music jam session overlooking the Quinns Rocks beach and wide ocean vistas !

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Please print this valentine invitation and be sure to give copies to the 5 special people who most deserve it most ;-)